Thank You!

Thank you everyone, had an amazing day, You guys made it extra special..
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Note: It's My Birthday Kit is EXPIRED. 

Happy 26th Birthday To Me, Layout & Freebie..

Hello & Good morning everyone.. Does anyone know what day is today? No? 
Well I do, Today is my 26th Birthday, I'm so excited and happy.. Hoorrayy!!
& guess what, because today is my birthday I want you to celebrate it with me
So I created this beautiful scrap kit for all of my fans, It's actually a gift from me
 to you .. Hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun creating things with it.. 

Happy 26th Birthday To Me!!

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Theme: "It's My Birthday" 


Note: This scrap kit will ONLY be available the day of my birthday: 
August, 25th 2014.

I also created a layout using "It's My Birthday" kit..
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August Exclusive Freebie: August "Birthday Month"

I'm a little bit late with your Exclusive freebie, but It's better late than never, so 
here Iam bringing all of you my new Exclusive Freebie for the month of August, 
I'm so excited about this particular month because this is the month i was born 
My birthday is on the 25th and i would be turning twenty-six not too many, lol
Well back to business.. here is your freebie, Hope all you enjoy working with it!

Theme: August "Birthday Month"
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