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Hello everyone, Before you keep reading I would like to thank you for stopping by my blog, and for all your love, support and trust you guys have gave me.. I am so glad to know you like, love & enjoy my creations and that's what matter to me, If you guys are happy I'm happy.. Creations By: Samantha wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you and Thank You so much for that!!

I'm going to start introducing myself.. Hi, My name which you probably already know is Samantha, I'm almost 28 yrs old, My birthday is on August 25th, Yes, I was born in the late 80's and I am a Proud & Full Time Mommy of 3 children.. During my 1st pregnancy around the 16 weeks the ultrasound revealed I was having a Boy, from that moment I started searching for boy's names and I came across with the name Kenneth which means "Handsome" and that's exactly how I named my now 9 yr old.. He is such an smart kid, and I'm so blessed to have him in my life.. In December of 2009 I found out we were having another baby, We were so happy to know another blessing was on the way.. During my 4th month ultrasound my Dr revealed we were luckily having a Girl, Finally a princess.. We named her Jayleen and she's 5 yrs old Jayleen is the funny little one of the family, Always making us laugh.. After having a hard time at home with 2 toddlers, My husband and I decided to have another baby, and that's exactly how our youngest daughter came to life, Her name is Samantha just like her mommy, and I cannot imagine my life without her, Everyone that knows her says she is just like me, and I don't have a doubt, She thinks like me and does everything like me.. She's now 4 yrs old and we're blessed to have this little persons in our lives.. Besides being a full time busy mom I am Happily Married to Eduardo (the love of my life,) We have been married for 8 yrs already, and counting!!  My husband is the best father to my kids, I love the way he is with our kids, He has so much to offer, He is an amazing dad.. I am Blessed to have him as husband and as father to my kids.

More about me.. I speak english and spanish, and I'm the older sister of two, I have four nieces and 3 nephews, and one Godson.. I love Designing, I believe in karma & horoscopes I'm a Virgo btw.. I love listening to music, While I design I watch my shows on Netflix, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, but I looovee to be alone, I like decorating and organizing my house, My free time is either for designing or my family.. Movie nights are also another favorite thing of mine, I love coffee it's my favorite drink & cheesecake is my favorite dessert.. I'm currently running out of ideas, so I will update this section as soon as I get more ideas.. Thanks for reading!

God has blessed me so much, My kids are healthy we have a safe place to live and food to share with family and friends, everything else is just extra...

Do you want to know how Creations by: Samantha started well read below:

Creations By: Samantha started doing Glitter Graphics in 2007 in a website named Glitter-Graphics, with the name of Samantha's Creations, I changed my creations name more than twice till I decided to keep the one I use now, to be honest I dont remember in what year Facebook decided to use Timeline Covers or Facebook Covers but I got interested on doing them just for fun, then I started selling them for a low price in one of my facebook pages..

Few years ago I joined a  fun community called: Pixel Scrapper  in which I realize I wanted to be part of their blog trains, being honest I didn't have no idea of where or how to start.. I research everything about it starting from what kind of program should I use decided to buy my own, before I started doing blog trains I learn how to use the program perfectly on August 2014 I participated in the Pixel Scrapper August Blog Train, of course it's nothing compared to what I do now but at least I tried and i'm glad I did.. Every day I learned something new and that's what life is all about.. I'm not perfect and I know I still have many more things to learn but I love what I do and I'm going to keep on doing it..

Well that's all for today, Welcome to CBS!

Have fun visiting my blog!!


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