Happy 26th Birthday To Me, Layout & Freebie..

Hello & Good morning everyone.. Does anyone know what day is today? No? 
Well I do, Today is my 26th Birthday, I'm so excited and happy.. Hoorrayy!!
& guess what, because today is my birthday I want you to celebrate it with me
So I created this beautiful scrap kit for all of my fans, It's actually a gift from me
 to you .. Hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun creating things with it.. 

Happy 26th Birthday To Me!!

• • •
Theme: "It's My Birthday" 


Note: This scrap kit will ONLY be available the day of my birthday: 
August, 25th 2014.

I also created a layout using "It's My Birthday" kit..
• • •



  1. Thank you and have a wonderful birthday, filled to overflowing with blessings!

  2. Happy Birthday! thanks for the awesome kit! mine was the 14th.

  3. Wow, a truly generous gesture on your special day! I love August people. May your life be filled with more blessings and creativity. Thanks for this lovely kit.:)

  4. Happy Birthday :) Thank you for sharing your gift with us

  5. Thank you everyone.. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the freebie!! Thank you all for the wishes!!