-January Exclusive Freebie.

Hello Samantha here wishing you a Happy New Year to all of you.. 
I'm so ready to make changes this year & one of them is My Blog..
I made a little changes to it, I used the same colors from my latest blog designed
but I really love ow it turned out... Hope you guys like it too..
• • •
Another change I wanted to make is that I would like to start making Fan Freebies
each month for all my loyalty fans and here is the first freebie of the month..
This January Exclusive Freebie is called: "Another Chance" and I believe this
new year is perfect for second or third chances and that's exactly what I am
going to do this year, I love the colors of this kit and hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Happy New Year! thanks so much! I hope Scrappy Bee is up soon!

    1. Happy New Year to you too.. I hope so too.. I miss doing Sneak Peeks so much...

  2. Thank you! I LOVE the colors too.

  3. Thank you so much for another beautiful kit