› Happy Parents Day 2016!

Today is the day we celebrate our parents, us for being a parent, single mom's and dad's for 
being a parent, If you're a mom or dad of a fur baby we celebrate you too, The day I become a Mother for the first time I knew that my world it was about to change but I never expect It was
going to change for the better, Now being a mom of 3 wonderful kids and knowing every single thing about them is what I love the most, They all 3 are different in their own way and I love that, I love that I know exactly what they like or dislike, but specially I love who they are.. 
Being at parent ain't easy but every single day with them it's worth it.. I love being a PARENT!!
★ ★ ★

Enjoy Your Day Mom & Dad!!
★ ★ ★

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